Book Lights Radio interview

  • Posted on: 19 May 2020
  • By: Anna

So exciting! I just finished a live interview with Book Lights Radio. It was lots of fun chatting and laughing with author/host Lisa Kessler. We covered everything from the inspiration for new stories to researching exotic locations and the “happy accidents” or serendipitous moments that can set a whole new story rolling out of nowhere. Tune in for behind-the-scenes info on all my series and much more!

New puzzle!

  • Posted on: 21 February 2020
  • By: Anna

I have a new release coming up on Feb. 27th. Yay! Can you puzzle out what the title is? (Tip: click to play, then look for “share as” on the upper right to make the puzzle easier or harder!)

Anna's round up of 2019

  • Posted on: 31 December 2019
  • By: Anna

So, here’s my writing round-up of 2019. I have to say, I’m proud of myself! All too often, we don’t take the time to celebrate our achievements, big or small. So, what about you? What are you proud of from your 2019?

As for me, I…

& much more - all details here!

Fun & Games - Fire Maidens

  • Posted on: 22 October 2019
  • By: Anna

Today I have some fun games for you, all based on the FIRE MAIDENS theme. Enjoy!

First, you can try this memory game, featuring covers from the entire Fire Maidens series. How many pairs can you find and in how much time?

Second, puzzles - always lots of fun! There are currently three you can choose from: a Fire Maidens: Paris cover puzzle, a beautiful Paris banner puzzle, and this awesome Fire Maidens: London puzzle. Remember, you can make these puzzles as hard or as easy as you want. Just go to the upper right corner of each and click “play as” to change the number of pieces.

Finally, here’s a slot machine game, where you can try to line up three in a row - as in, three gorgeous covers or three shifter symbols. It’s totally free but watch out - this game is pretty addicting!