Bear/wolf mug

Pour yourself a mug of your favorite hot drink and cozy up with your book boyfriend for the night! I suggest a cup of your favorite herbal tea for the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch (imagine Aunt Jean pouring it for you), or a nice cappuccino for the Blue Moon Saloon books! Get yours here!

Behind the scenes: Sasquatch Surprise

  • Posted on: 23 November 2016
  • By: Anna

Whoa – a sasquatch shifter? Believe me, I was pretty surprised when that character popped out of my imagination. And I never imagined he’d get his own love story. But my mind tends to run away with the unlikeliest of characters, and before I knew it, Harrison had stolen my heart. He seems to have had that effect on many fans, because they kept asking for Harrison’s story. So I’m really delighted to finally share it with you – Sasquatch Surprise!