ALOHA SHIFTERS: Pearls of Desire series (audiobooks)

Pearls of Desire Audio Book Covers Maui just got hotter with this exciting new series of suspenseful paranormal romance!

Connor Hoving and his band of Special Forces brothers are looking to leave trouble behind when they move to Maui, but destiny has a few tricks up her sleeve. Join these shifter siblings as fate confronts them with challenging new obstacles, vengeful enemies, and true love worth living - and dying - for.

The Aloha Shifters: PEARLS of DESIRE series builds on the preceding Jewels of the Heart series. All six books of this series are available in audio as well as ebook and paperback!

Book 1: Rebel Dragon
Book 2: Rebel Bear
Book 3: Rebel Lion
Book 4: Rebel Wolf
Book 4.5: Rebel Heart - FREE!
Book 5: Rebel Alpha