Fun & Games for Twin Moon Ranch...

  • Posted on: 9 August 2015
  • By: Anna

I get so much positive feedback on the great covers Fiona Jayde made for my Twin Moon series and I love any excuse to gaze at them a little more. So here are two more excuses for you: puzzles! An author friend tipped me off on a great website that makes these puzzles easy to make and play.

Click here to find a puzzle based around an image of the Twin Moon gate!

Click here to find a puzzle featuring close-up views of the hottest wolves in the West!

Note the “Play As” command on the top right of the puzzle site: you can click there to make the puzzle easier or harder by changing the number of pieces it gets broken into! I’ve had fans stay up all night making 300 piece versions! You can choose your own level and decide whether to go at a nice & easy pace or whether you’d like to be Speedy Gonzalez and race the clock!