Serendipity Adventure Romance

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Love is always an adventure, but these books ramp up the action along the way. There are quiet moments, too, as well as regrets, hopes, and second chances…not to mention steamy love scenes along the way.

A Serendipity Adventure Romance

Just a fling, or is it more?

A short story Prequel to Uncharted, Book 1 of the Serendipity Adventure Romance series. All Julie Steffens wants is a quiet couple of days on a Caribbean beach. But the minute she meets Seth Cooper, sparks start to fly and all bets are off. This red-hot prequel to Uncharted is heavy on romance and light on action, except for the kind between the sheets. Sign up for Anna Lowe’s newsletter and get this book FREE!

A Serendipity Adventure Romance

It’s not about temptation — it’s about survival.

The last thing Julie Steffens needs after a season of research in the jungles of Central America is a gang of armed mercenaries after her for a crime she didn’t commit. And the last rescuer she wants is Seth Cooper, the sizzling vacation fling who disappeared from her bedside two months before. But right now, she needs a way out — and Seth’s sailboat is it. Read more here.

A Serendipity Adventure Romance

Trapped — and the clock is ticking.

Cara Leoni is trapped in the jungle. The clock is ticking, and her only hope is the one man she’s vowed to never trust again. Tobin Cooper thought he was in for a couple of laid-back weeks on the beaches of Panama, but before he knows it, he’s racing into the wild side on a rusty old motorcycle. Venomous snakes, poison darts, and greedy drug runners aren’t half as frightening as the thought of facing his ex-fiancée again. Read more here…

A Serendipity Adventure Romance

She’s in deep — in love and in trouble.

Scuba instructor Mia Whitman has traveled to Bonaire to forget, not forgive, the man who broke her heart. But trouble is brewing in this Caribbean island paradise — above and below the waterline. When Mia witnesses a crime, she becomes a target, and even she has to admit that having a Navy SEAL-turned-New-York-cop at her side has its perks. Ryan Hayes has a knack for saving her life and stealing her heart — a tricky combination for a woman on the run. Before Mia can stop herself, she finds herself in deep — in love and in trouble. Read more here…

A Serendipity Adventure Romance

Just another crazy day in paradise…

Meredith Whitman isn’t in the sunny Caribbean looking for trouble, especially not in the form of the Russian Mafia. All she wants is to contemplate enough fiery sunsets to forget the tragedies of her past. Still, trouble is what she gets – along with a second chance at true love. Read more here…