Blue Moon Saloon

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Tina Hawthorne has a soft spot for wayward shifters looking for a second chance, and where better to give them a new start than the Blue Moon Saloon, a business owned by the wolves of Twin Moon pack? Bear shifter brothers Simon and Soren Voss are a couple of wounded souls willing to run the saloon, but the last thing they’re expecting is to be paired up with couple of she-wolves on the... read more

Blue Moon Saloon (the Prequel)

Where it all began…

A short story prequel to Damnation, Book 1 in the Blue Moon Saloon series. Find out how it all began, one snowy winter’s day when destiny first brought together a feisty she-wolf and a stubborn bear. Read more here…

Blue Moon Saloon, Book 1

He hasn’t forgotten her, and she sure hasn’t forgiven him.

Named BEST BOOK & BEST SHIFTER BOOK of 2016 by Reality Bites Magazine!

Jessica Macks is a she-wolf on the run from a band of murderous rogues. When she finds a job at a shifter bar, it seems like a safe haven from her hunted life on the road. But the minute she walks through the swinging doors of the Blue Moon Saloon and comes face-to-face with the man she once loved, she’s tempted to march right back out. No way, no how is she risking her heart to that infuriating alpha bear again. Read more here!

Blue Moon Saloon, Book 2

His darkest fears, her deepest desires.

She-wolf Janna Macks knows trouble when she sees it, especially when it comes in the form of an irresistibly brooding cowboy like Cole Harper. Her fledgling pack is already in the crosshairs of a ruthless group of rogues, and falling head over heels in lust with a human will only endanger her loved ones more. The problem is, her wolf knows her destined mate when she sees him — and Cole is it. Read more here…

Blue Moon Saloon, Book 3

True love is about forgiveness, not pride.

Bear shifter Soren Voss lives and breathes for the new clan he leads as alpha. It’s all he has left after the rogue ambush that murdered the woman he loved — the woman he swears he’ll always love, even if it’s only in his dreams. But the day his dream comes true is also the start of a nightmare, because his destined mate may no longer be his and his alone. Is it just fate’s way of torturing him one more time or a last chance at redemption? Read more here…

Blue Moon Saloon, Book 4

A hero’s last chance.

Anna Boone won’t give up the search for her cousin, Sarah, who everyone assumes dead. And she refuses to give up on the wounded bear found next to the ashes of her cousin’s house. There’s something deep in his eyes and in his soul she just can’t resist. Something special. Something… human, almost. When her search for the truth leads her to Arizona, Anna finds more than she ever bargained for — and unwittingly leads a deadly foe to those she loves most. Read more here…

Blue Moon Saloon, Book 5

Nothing is more dangerous than forbidden love.

Burly bear shifter Drew Kovacs hasn’t traveled to the Southwest to look for trouble, and he definitely isn’t looking for love. But the second he lays eyes on the stubborn she-wolf with a mesmerizing smile and haunted eyes, he knows she’s the one. There’s just one problem — his destined mate is about to plunge headfirst into danger, and he sure as hell won’t let her go alone. But he can’t risk blowing her undercover mission, either. Unless…

Ring in the holidays at the Blue Moon Saloon!

It’s been a long, hard couple of months, but the bear and wolf shifters of the Blue Moon Saloon are ready to celebrate their hard-won peace with a few days off… Read more here!

Special bonus edition chock full of extras!

This new, exclusive BONUS EDITION includes the full story of DAMNATION (Book 1 of the Blue Moon Saloon series), plus the entire prequel (Perfection) and a steamy bonus epilogue (The Mating Bite) that is not available anywhere except in this bonus edition. This special edition is also packed with rich extras such as “the making of” Damnation plus recipes and games. Available on Amazon Kindle and KU.

Two gripping paranormal romances in one unforgettable volume!

Two gripping paranormal romances in one unforgettable volume!

Behind the doors of the Blue Moon Saloon, alpha shifters confront their darkest fears and their deepest desires. These emotional tales feature wounded heroes, powerful alphas, more-than-capable heroines, and the spellbinding scenery of the desert Southwest — in short, all the ingredients for an unforgettable bear/wolf shifter romance! SAVE $$$ over the price of two individual books and qualify for a huge discount on the audio version through Amazon!