Hot Blooded Desert Night

A bonus scene to Desert Blood

Edging closer to a truth she may not be ready to face…

Twin Moon Press

Wolf shifter Cody Hawthorne has had a hell of a day, hunting vampires across the Southwest. He’s had a hell of a week, resisting his attraction to a woman who will never, ever be accepted by his pack. But sooner or later, something has to give, and one quiet, starry night seems like a good time to bring his destined mate one step closer to a truth she may not be ready to face.

This bonus scene to Desert Blood (Book 2 in the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch), takes place midway through the story - three nights after Cody and Heather surrender to desire for the very first (but not last) time. Available exclusively as part of the More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights collection - coming your way April 12, 2016!