Blue Moon Saloon (the Prequel)

Where it all began…

A short story prequel to Damnation, Book 1 in the Blue Moon Saloon series. Find out how it all began, one snowy winter’s day when destiny first brought together a feisty she-wolf and a stubborn bear.

It’s a stormy, winter night in Montana, and she-wolf Jessica Macks is desperate to find shelter. So desperate, she’ll even settle for an unoccupied bear den despite all the warnings she’s heard about her pack’s mysterious neighbors. It doesn’t take long before unwanted company in the form of bear shifter Simon Voss comes lumbering in. They can fight or they can lower their defenses and keep each other warm. But the instinct to survive isn’t the only force at work in that cozy den — destiny is, too. Before Jessica and Simon know it, they’re cuddled together in human form and letting warm heat right over to hot as they give in to temptation for the very first time.

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You can read about the inspiration for this story in the Bonus Materials section of this website, and you can watch a fun BOOK TRAILER with images from the story here.