Scavenger Hunt! Join the fun & win prizes!

  • Posted on: 28 June 2015
  • By: Anna
Scavenger hunt

UPDATE: THE SCAVENGER HUNT IS OVER BUT THE FUN GOES ON! Thanks everyone for visiting Anna Lowe Books! You can still get your copy of Desert Moon, Desert Blood, Desert Fate, and Desert Hunt by following the links on this site! Six lucky winners have been informed of their prize from the drawing on this site. The Grand Prize will be drawn on

Quick link to next stop of the hunt HERE!

I’ve joined with a group of great authors of paranormal romance to bring you a great new event: a SCAVENGER HUNT with prizes, including $125, $50, and $25 Amazon gift certificates. You’ll meet some great new authors, discover fantastic new stories, and find some great deals. Many of the authors are offering giveaways in addition to the main prizes - and I’m one of them! Free copies of DESERT MOON to five people drawn at random from among those who COMMENT on this post. Just name your favorite hero from my books (Zack, Ty, Cody, or Kyle) or tell me which cover you like best. Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can get in touch! Oh, and there’s an additional $20 prize on our Paranormal Romance Lovers facebook page so have a look there, too!

The fun starts on - click HERE! Or click HERE to go on to the next stage of the hunt. You can also find a link to my FREE STORY on the navigation bar at the top of this page. Happy hunting!



I like Kyle the best

I haven't read your books yet so I cannot name my favorite hero, however, I like the cover of First Bite best. :-)

I like the cover of Desert Wolf the best. Thanks for the chance!

So far my favorite is Zach. I'm kind of an outsider in my family as well.

Awesome thanks can't wait to read it.

I love Entangled's cover. Those eyes are dreamy :)

I love Zach

I love Ty, maybe its just the name but damn lol. Thanks for the chance and your generosity :-)

i prefer the desert wolf covert, teh blue is really eyes catching
thank you for being part of this hunt

Your are a new author to me. I don't know your work yet.

But if I were to choose, I lean towards Cody and Kyle....both pull me the brother that Is not alpha and finds his mate in a human and the lone wolf that doesn't feel he will ever have a mate.

Zack and Ty were my favorite.

I've not read any of these books but would love to.

I like the book cover of Desert Wolf.

I like the Desert Hunt cover best. It's different from a lot of other covers and I like the detail of the other animal in the background.

Would love to read your book. Desert Hunt

Thank you for my free book. Cant wait to start reading it

Thanks for the fun and free book.

I like the Desert Hunt cover the best and I have not had the chance to read your books so I am unable to pick a favorite hero. Thank you for the chance to win!

Unfortunately I have not yet read any of your books but I love the cover to Uncharted. I've always thought of sunsets as the ultimate romantic setting but add to it the couple and all their passion it's just beautiful. Thanks for participating and for the added giveaway!

The cover of Alpha’s just looks hot, I can’t wait to read your stories; especially if I really can judge your books based on their covers.

I have not read your series. I like the cover if Desert Fate the best.

Your new to me but I love the cover of Alphas on the prowl

Haven't read or seen ur books yet but would like to love the Paranormal genre

I haven't read your books YET, but from the previews I don't know if I could pick just 1 anyway! I really like Desert Fate's book cover the best! That is one HOT alpha male!

I like the cover of Desert Blood the most

I love the cover for Uncharted. It draws the viewer in.
(rbarckhaus at gmail dot com)

It's too hard to pick one!!!!!!!

I love the covers on both Masters of the Hunt and Alphas on the Prowl!

Masters of the Hunt looks both sexy and like it is going to contain an epic adventure.

Alphas on the prowl looks like it's a powerful and sexy book. I love a good wolf book and the hunks, well they are just a bonus ( a biiiiiiiiiigggg bonus )

I haven't read your books yet but I will after I finish the book I started

Hard choice, but I'm going to have to go with Entangled as my favorite cover! It is crisp and just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!


I liked Kyle

I like the cover of Ty's book Desert Wolf. I can't wait to read it..

They are all so enticing...but I think I'll choose Desert Blood

Desert Fate is my favorite cover.

I haven't read any of your books yet but I can't wait to start . I love shifter books. I love the scavenger hunt because its introducing me to authors like you that I may not of otherwise known about.

I haven't read your books yet , but I am looking forward to reading them .

I haven't read your books yet , but I am looking forward to reading them .

I like the Desert Wolf cover the best! :)

I havent read them yet but am looking forward to it.

I havent read them yet but am looking forward to it.

Desert Fate, whew!
New to your writing - looking forward to reading your work!

I haven't read any of your books yet ...

I'm new to your stories, but I like the blue cover of Desert Wolf the best. It reminds me of moonlight and the night.

The covers from The Wolves of Twin Moon series are my favorite. Thanks.

Desert Wolf

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

I have not yet read any of your books, so I don't have a favorite hero. My favorite cover is Desert Moon.

My favorite is Kyle! I love them all, but he definitely steals my heart! My favorite cover though is Desert Hunt. Its so eye catching!

My favorite cover is Desert Wolf. Thank you for the chance!! lissa at rochester.rr dot com