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Below you’ll find a selection of fun items that evoke memories and emotions from the stories you love. Have fun browsing!

Morphing wolf mug

This mug is just like the shapeshifters we love - it changes forms! Fill it with a hot drink to reveal the Twin Moon howling-at-the-moon logo. Get yours HERE!

Howling wolf cards

This deck of cards is just the thing for your next visit to the Blue Moon Saloon or Las Vegas, where you might meet a handsome shifter like Trey Dixon! Get yours HERE!

Bear/wolf mug

Pour yourself a mug of your favorite hot drink and cozy up with your book boyfriend for the night! I suggest a cup of your favorite herbal tea for the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch (imagine Aunt Jean pouring it for you), or a nice cappuccino for the Blue Moon Saloon books! Get yours here!


Take the magic of the desert with you with this howling wolf keychain - a little reminder of your favorite shifter packs! Get yours here!

Howling wolf hoodie

I love hiding away from the world in this cozy hoodie - especially when I can pretend I borrowed it from my book boyfriend! You’ll find a selection of T-shirts and sweatshirts in different styles and colors here.

And much more!

This is just a selection of the fun items evoking the stories you love. You’ll find many more designs at my zazzle store, including mouse pads, notebooks, travel mugs, tote bags, and more! I’ve made sure to create items in lots of different price categories so there’s something for every fan there. I also raffle off items regularly so make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to enter and win!